Fat Daddy’s Farm Press has partnered with Vicki Sapp and William Matthew McCarter (Editors) to bring you Trash Told Tales: Trash Talkin’ from Whitetrashistan. The editors are requesting short fiction, poetry, plays, or creative non-fiction, and various types of artwork, for an anthology of white trash literature.

It is the mission of Fat Daddy’s Farm Press (fatdaddysfarm.org) to publish marginalized voices – narratives that fall through the cracks of the dominant discourse – and we feel that this topic deserves some serious consideration.

From the Editors:

Vicki Sapp: “Here’s your chance to submit your tales of white people doing trashy things. Or trashy people doing white things (it being commonly--pun intended--presumed that any respectable white trash party includes lots of booze, vomit, violence, and at least one report of what might be called rape in some circles (William Byrd II of Westover). However, WT has its more constructive pastimes as well: the phrase ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ was coined by a wordsmith hanging out at the trailer park. So we are calling for your truths, told in the inimitable WT way. If you are not sure that your submission is about “white trash,” or you don’t know what “trashy” means, you should probably submit elsewhere now and revisit us after cultural enlightenment via the forthcoming volume. Words of advice for submissions: No Tobacco Road tragedies as we mean to keep it both real and fun. Also none of that Tucker Max xtreme stuff; we run a relatively clean trailer around here. And finally, submissions from advanced degree holders are welcome; paper might cover rock--but sheepskin don't cover trash."

William Matthew McCarter: “In my book, Homo Redneckus: On Being Not Qwhite in America, I discussed the discursive anomaly that exists in terms of whiteness and terms like cracker, hillbilly, redneck, and white trash. Now, I am looking forward to reading and editing a collection of works that really speaks to the heart of the white trash aesthetic. We all know that Southerners and those who have historically lived in conditions of institutional poverty are natural storytellers. Let’s tell our ‘white trash’ stories to a larger audience in this anthology. Send us your trash and let us look forward to dumpster diving.”

The editors are seeking short stories, poetry, plays, creative non-fiction, comics, and art work that embodies the white trash experience. The stories can take place in trailer parks, rural country settings, or even in tenements. Authors can celebrate the aesthetic of excess by writing about white trash parties, celebrations, or vacations. There can be white trash characters like the Snopes clan from a Faulkner novel or Bone from Dorothy Allison’s Bastard Out of Carolina. Send us your best trashy stories and help us to compile an anthology of white trash literature.

The deadline for submissions is July 1st, 2012. Potential contributors will be notified of acceptance about 90 days after that. Please send a brief bio, cover letter, and your contribution to the anthology to submishmash. For questions or queries, please send your e-mails to profmccarter@yahoo.com.